Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Judith Stone - Co-Headteacher

Miss Michelle Alpern - Co-Headteacher and Deputy Head

Mrs Katie O’Neill - Assistant Head Inclusion

Miss Fran Newton - Assistant Head Curriculum (maternity leave)

Mrs Maria Gaskell - Assistant Head Curriculum (maternity cover)

Teaching Team

Miss Becky Vargas - Reception - Early Years Lead - RE

Miss Sophie Diffley - Reception - PSHE - School Travel Plan

Mr Richard Arnel - Y1 - History

Mrs Gabrielle Haynes - Y1 - ECT

Mrs Carolyn Zane - Y2 - Art - D&T

Miss Ciara Carroll - Y2 - English Reading - Phonics

Miss Fran Newton - Y3 - Curriculum (maternity leave)

Mr Steve Chapman - Y3 - (maternity cover)

Miss Roxanne Coll - Y3 - Computing

Miss Kelly Day - Y4 - Upper School Lead - English Writing (maternity leave)

Mrs Alex Fuller & Mrs Danielle Noble - Y4 - (maternity cover)

Mr Andrew Hyde - Y4 - Geography

Mrs Maria Gaskell - Y5 - English Writing

Miss Georgia Wheeler - Y5 - ECT

Mr Rupert Brecknell - Y6 - Science

Miss Nieusha Shirazi Y6 - Upper School lead (maternity cover) Maths - MFL

Mrs Anita Siefert - Music and PPA cover

Miss Katie Mason - (maternity leave)

Mrs Louise Smith  - Lower School Lead - Healthy Schools (maternity leave)

Class Based Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs Fina Haider - Reception

Mrs Patra Trapanese - Reception

Mrs Elaine Mustafa - Year 1

Miss Meryem Ali - Year 1

Mrs Nuray Olcay - Year 2

Mrs Carol Lapham - Year 2

Mrs Yvonne Baker - HLTA

Inclusion Team

Mrs Jenna Heyns - SENDCo

Mrs Debbie Bedford - Support teacher

Mrs Kim Connolly - Learning Mentor

Mrs Gill Candy

Mrs Jayne Hopping

Mrs Parveen Sullivan

Mrs Tinsae Bekure

Mrs Wendy Hosking

Miss Louisa Jacobs - 1:1 support

Mrs Amanda Nash - 1:1 support

Miss Georgina Slack - 1:1 support

Miss Clare Rochford - 1:1 support

Mrs Nicky Kelly - 1:1 support

Miss Rebekah Downey - 1:1 support

Office and Site Team

Mrs Marisa Lee - Office Manager

Mrs Nan Collins - Admin Assistant

Ms Pam Bacon - Admin Assistant

Mrs Katie Evans - Pastoral Care 

Mr Greg Chapman - Site Manager

Lunch Team

Mrs Josie Snowdon - Senior MTS

Mrs Nina Thaker - MTS

Mrs Neeta Gajjar - MTS

Mrs Jayne Hopping - MTS

Mrs Gill Candy - MTS

Miss Aida Voskian - MTS

Mrs Maria Varnavas - MTS

Mrs Sara Boston - MTS

Mrs Fouzia Khan – MTS

Mrs Jody Froggett- MTS
Ms Linda Gudyanga - MTS
Miss Rebekah Downey- MTS

Mrs Zoe Georgiou- MTS

Miss Mickayla Pope - MTS

Miss Fanni Kasik - MTS

Out of Hours Team

Mrs Kim Connolly - Breakfast Club Lead

Miss Georgina Slack - Breakfast Club Support

Mrs Fouzia Khan - Breakfast Club Support

Mrs Neeta Gajjar - After School Club Manager

Mrs Sara Boston - After School Club Support

Mrs Nina Thaker - After School Club Support

Miss Sarah Pearce - After School Club Support